20 June 2007

Indie Fiber

I love the fact that there as so many out there doing their own thing when it comes to fiber and then that they are dyeing and spinning enough to share with the rest of us. :-) I thought I would put together a little list of some of the ones that many art talking about.

Some of the most Popular:
1. Cabin Cove by Dave Daniels (have some of this WANT/NEED more)
2. Socks That Rock by Blue Moon Fiber (gifted a lovely skein for my bday...soooo yummy NEED MORE)
3. Scout's Swag by Scout (i do believe i am DESPERATE for her stuff, everything i have seen (and able to molest for a few minutes) is absolutely gorgeous)

Some of the newer (well newer to me since I have just recently be hearing about them), I have not had any face time with these yarns but I see alot of noise on blogs about them and see them knitted up beautifully:
1. Posh Yarns by Dee GB
2. Pirate Yarns by Georgia
3. Hello Yarns by Adrian Bizilia
4. Lotus Yarns by Lotus Knits

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