26 June 2007

There comes a time...(to rant)...

...when everyone is pushed to the edge...when even the nicest person reaches their limit...when its time to stop being NICE. This is where I am in this moment in time.

I have had a couple (more then a couple) of emails from people who do not KNOW me. To KNOW me you would have to be a part of my everyday "face to face" life. This blog is about KNITTING. Knitting makes me happy so the tone of this blog is a happy one. This blog TELLS you nothing about who I am nor what I am about. NOTHING. I rarely put any personal info outside of knitting or yarn content in the posts. When I do it is in general terms. I do NOT choose to put my deepest darkest thoughts and feelings on this blog. I do NOT choose to put my life into the post.

Writing to tell me things like "you are too damn happy to be real"..."your happiness is fake and makes me sick"..."you are disgustingly sweet".. .. (this one really gets me laughing) "why don't you talk about something real and substantial and stop pretending like the world is all happy happy joy joy" (yes someone said that exactly..lmao). Listen up...KNITTING BLOG...NOT my life stories...KNITTING MAKES ME FEEL GOOD AND WHEN I FEEL GOOD I AM HAPPY. So if you are bothered by my happiness or find me to be "fake" in your opinion then move on.

If it is your choice to have a blog about more complicated ideas and stories then good for you. It is NOT my choice. I choose with whom I share my total self with...if you enjoy judging people in shallow terms then your opinions about the "tone" of my posts is your deal NOT mine. If you have a problem with the "happy tone" of my posts then its your deal NOT mine. If more people in the world shared the things that they are passionate and happy about with others then there would be less of the crap going on that we see around us!

When I post I just write. I don't analyze my grammer or my spelling. So what? Yes I am a teacher...and a damn good one! So what if I have spelling errors in my posts. Its a BLOG not a research paper or my dissertation. This is where I choose to hang out and just be. If You have a problem with that then its your deal NOT mine.

Everyone can't be nice all the time but so what if I were? What is your major malfunction that you have to put your opinions on me and waste my time with your insecurities and judgements? I am me! I love me and I make no excuses for who and what I am. If you see my happiness as "fake" then thats your deal NOT mine.

I am real...complex and with a story. This blog doesn't even begin to touch the surface as to who I am nor make a dent into the story of my life and the person I am and what I put out into the world. Life is too short to spend it always talking about the serious topics of life all the time. I work with kids who have serious things going on in their lives every single day. I KNOW what the reality of the world is, I am not walking through life with rose colored glasses. I LIVED a serious life for a long time. I am choosing to focus on peace now in my personal life. Yarn, knitting and the sharing of it is my peace. So if you have a problem with someone who chooses to focus on a happy part of their life then that is your deal NOT mine.

Anyone who sends me jerk-off emails will just get their messages tossed in the recycle bin, without another thought. Learn to examine yourself before trying to take someone else apart.

It takes a lot to piss me off but when I do it means I am done. Take care of your own business before trying to "teach" someone how to be real. Get a clue that people are individuals and not cookie cutters of some abstract definition of what they "should" be like. What works for one doesn't work for all. No one can be liked by everyone they meet and I wouldn't want to be.

So (specifically to one person who sent an email recently) I don't need a large amount of friends, I do not have a large amount of friends and I don't want a lot of friends. I want real friends the few that are counted within that number and are called friends by me are real and truly friends. I will not ever be liked by every person I meet nor do I wish too. If you don't "like" me then its your deal NOT mine. Quality over quantity. It is a waste of time to believe or expect that every person I meet will like me and want to be my friend. Its rediculous and silly.

With that I end this rant and will not bring it up again. There just comes a time when enough is enough and I just had to speak up. So to those that this post pertains too (you know who you are...you show your cowardice by emailing your comments instead of posting for all to see) ...GET A CLUE...GET A LIFE...SCREW YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON. To my friends, family, regular commenters and lurkers...lots of love your way with yarny knitterly happiness (with lots of sappiness thrown in for good measure).


Twisted Knitter said...

I'm so sorry you were pushed to the edge and that somebody offended you. I've missed what went on here, but I've noticed that several knitbloggers have been targeted lately.

Hang in there - you have a lot to be proud of and good for you for speaking up.

Ann said...

Boarding a plane to Otterland RIGHT NOW...Are there some knee caps I need to break? Some dpns I need to smash. What is up with all of this knitting blogger ugliness I keep coming across tonight while reading blogs.

I love it that you are upbeat and positive, those are the kind of blogs I like to read. Why would I want to read about the doom and gloom in people's lives I have quite enough of that of my own thank you..and it's my business and my business who I want to share it with.

Hugs to you...Be who you are!

Yarn Thing said...

Preach on Sista! I have the same problem..only it is I am to happy on the podcast. I wish people understood that to have a positive life you have to be positive in your talk! Negativity only breads more negativity and that is exhausting!

Anyway, I love how upbeat and HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY you are so keep it up...screw the rest of them :-)


Lovelock79 said...

I can't believe people feel they have the right to judge you based solely on you blog. I read your blog, but I also have been blessed to know you personally and I love you whole heartedly. I also know that life is not always a bed of roses for any of us in the knitting group, but I know we find peace, joy and lots of laughs when we knit. Unless of course I am the one being crabby. lol; :-) Seriously, forget what people say; if they can't move past the spelling/grammar, maybe they should start knitting to relax.:-) I don't think I'll proof read my comment. Do you think I'll get nasty emails too? WOOHOO!!
Seriously, love you friend and I am sorry people aren't being nice.
Monkey Socks

Anonymous said...

I must respond to this.

The people who left those emails/comments to you....they should learn to visit themselves in the identity of others.

There is no way you can learn all about someone in this matter. They are obviously having a crappy life and trying to rain it down on someone else's parade.

I can personally attest that you have had a very complicated life. I love reading your blog and know that art is one of the few things which has brought you joy since you were a child. It brings you up when you are down. Not everyone has an outlet like that. You are very fortunate. Well and you are great at several different types of art, yes, knitting included as an art.

I love it. Screw 'em. Those types of comments are good for a laugh anyway.

Love you woman! Delicia

SheepsPyjamas said...

Can you tell I'm just beginning to get caught up with my blog reading (we won't mention posting, 'kay?). This was too important to pass by, though -- I've read a bit of this here and about, apparently you're not the only target, but I'm sorry to hear you were a target. And I'm so glad to hear that your reaction is one I can add a "hear, hear" to! I, for one (and apparently, of many), love what I know of you and your blog, just as you are, for what you are...