22 June 2007

Swaps and KALs

Yarn in a Cup: This will be my first swap. Have never done one before so this seems like a fun one to do. Its being put together by Zoe of Zoe's Knitting Bag. :-) Seeing as the place I work has cool thrift store/antique shop it always has cute "tea" things. Can't wait will find something fun there and other goodies for my swap partner. When I get matched up. Of course there will be yarn involved. Since Zoe is in Britain I think we will get a good mix of people from all over, which is always cool.

Summer Kal - Cal Purse Round up: Finished my 6th bag and have found some really cute embellishments for it. Also last night I found a slightly large then silver dollar size Chinese "coin" that will work well for bag closure and will be unique.

Summer of Socks: Aka SoS...love that. I started my Monkey socks and was in the middle of doing the first pattern repeat when I realized something just wasn't right and I had too many stitches (yes I was knitting along without counting duh me lol). Soooo I had to rip out late last night so I only have the cuff of the first sock done. However this am before leaving the house I decided that I need a project that I really would need a pattern for and one that I can knit in the car on the way too and from work or when playing yarn with others. So I downloaded "Wendy Knits" 's toe up sock pattern and will make ankle socks. So I will have two pairs going. As usual cannot stick to just one project.

Well I hear entirely too much talking from my "kids" and it doesn't sound like school work talking so need to go light a fire under their feet. Its Friday, Its summer and they all asked if they could get done early but they must work first. LOL...but seriously this group of kids this year (about 12) are extremely motivated. I don't mind if they are chit chatting as long as they get their work done. One young man recieved an Astronomy course (from BYU courses for High School students) on Tuesday, with 6 lesson he already knew the info. Two hours after starting it he comes to me and says: "Miss Vikkie I'm done with the course. Can you correct it for me please?" I laughed and said "Yeah, go find a quiet corner and work"..."No, no seriously I am done with the whole thing." So I took it and corrected it...not only did he finish but he did not miss one so he is done...an entire semester done. That is just one...all of them are kicking butt and taking names. I love them! They are just great! I love this job.

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