24 June 2007

Let the Felting Begin

I finished knitting the bag that I have made up my own pattern for and I found little things to embellish it after felting. In its un felted state it looks a little wonky. The flap has curled in on its self so it does not have the triangle appearance I was going for at the moment so I hope that after it felts I will be able to mold it so it will lay flat and have the look I was envisioning. Shall see what the magice of felting brings! lol

Also finished the Kureyon-Chan bag and it is awaiting felting. I actually like the way it came out unfelted but it would need to be lined and as I have mentioned before lining is not my thing because sewing is involved soooo in order to make it sturdier I will have to felt it. Its pretty small so shall how small it will get after its bath. :-)

1 comment:

Twisted Knitter said...

The bags are both cute! I love the wee little Kureyon-chan!