24 June 2007

Yarn In A Tea Cup Survey

Just recieved the survey for the "Yarn in a Tea Cup" Swap and thought I would post my answers here. I am excited because I have not done a swap before.

1) Which type of yarns do you prefer? I am open and adventurous. There is little that I would not prefer as you can see by next answer. J As for colours I love variegated and self patterning usually bright and colourful.

2) Which yarns do you dislike? I am not big into novelty yarns, such as ribbon yarns, fun fur or eyelash yarn. I am not a browns kinds of person.

3) Do you prefer skeins, balls or cakes? I am open to this, which ever is fine with me. I have the power! I have a swift and a ball winder!

4) Do you have any allergies? No allergies.

5) Do you prefer to drink your tea from a cup and saucer or a mug? Surprise me! I am open J. I own a lot of mugs but few teacups but honestly I will be happy with anything.

6) Is there anything else you would like to add? I would love to be partnered with someone who is far away from me just because I like to learn about new places and people.

7) Would you prefer to make socks, mittens/gloves or a little scarf with your swap yarn (any other suggestions welcome)? Yes! Lol…well I know that’s a simplistic answer but seriously I am adventurous so I leave it up to my partner I am interested in the tastes and ideas of others.

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