17 June 2007

More Bags

Though I have heard the call of sock knitting I am still on a bag roll. Just finished my 4th one and started 2 smaller ones. I am participating in "Summer KAL - CAL Purse Round Up", so all the recent bags will be a part of that.

Here is the Latrop II Bag, unfelted. The specs are as follows:

Pattern: From a Noro Book; Latrop II Bag. I am sorry but I don't remember the title of the book (I know I should have written it down oops along with the name of author. If someone knows this pattern let me know and I will credit appropriately.) Oh btw...thats my Princess Lilly who insisted on posing with the bag. Isn't she pretty? (She says I don't need to ask that because its obvious. lol) Just as a side note about this pattern, when I finished it I held it up so that Honey could look at it and his first reaction was with a look on his face like he was going to puke! :-( He said "Its fuzzy." :-( for some reason he doesn't like fuzzy. Well I am not too keen on fuzzy either but the look on his face was shocking to me. Sigh. I hope after it felts that it won't be too fuzzy, if it is it will get a shave. LOL.

Needle: Addi Turbo US 11, circs.

Yarn: Berroco Hip Hop in 7265 colorway. (5 balls) The picture makes it look like there is more red in the varigation but there actually is more purple.

Size: 17 1/2 x 9 (t0 12)" for the body and 18 " for the strap prefelted. Shall see what happens after it felts.

Here is the botton of Kureyon-Chan bag. Using 1 ball of Noro Iro, 5 dpns (US 11 Brittany's).

This is a little bag I am making up. Right now I am calling it "Summer Sunglass Neck Bag". Using Brown Sheep's Handpaint Originals in New England Fall on US 8 dpns (5). I am writing it all out as I go along and will share the pattern I come up with. I really like this yarn because it felts nicely and the colors blend well. I like using all of Brown Sheep's lines though. I have plans (in my head) to add beads and doo-dads to this after felting.

Once I finish these next two bags I will then felt all the bags I have done lately, total of 6, together. I am going to go to the laundrymat to do it. I haven't used the laundrymat yet for felting but I have been told its the best way to go if you are felting more then one or two items at a time so that it will save your washer mechanisms. Also I am told the water at the laundrymat is very hot so the felting comes out well.

On another front: I am participating in another summer KAL: "Summer of Socks". There are a lot of people involved in it so should be interesting. Unlike Sock Madness it will not be a speed kind of KAL and patterns are picked individually. I have so many socks that I want to make and so much sock yarn that this will not be a problem.

Oh and before I forget: I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO SPIN. Unless anyone has forgotten. I now have roving. I tried the spindle thingy but that didn't work out so well for me. I found lots of info online on how to use it but I think a combination of my not being coordinated enough and also needing to learn from someone face to face, using the spindle was not comfortable for me. So the next thing to do is try a wheel. However, I cannot afford to purchase a wheell just to try it out. But I don't really know anyone who has one. Some of my lovely fellow Ravelry-ers (?) recommended that I post about this on my blog and ask if anyone out there (or rather in my area) would be willing to help me through the first steps of a spindle and let me try their wheel. I really want to learn but I also want to try it out first before spending alot of money on spinning tools. Anyone out there that can teach me??? Oh and before anyone far away asks...no there aren't any fiber, weaving or spinning shops here. None of the local knit shops carry spinning supplies. There is a spinning guild here but due to an episode with someone who belongs to the group I am shy to go to one of their meetings and ask if anyone would help me out. (Yes I KNOW it is hard to believe that I would be shy but it happens to the best of us! LOL). I am motivated to try it out but need some assitance to get started. Anyone? I can afford much for paid lessons but I can swap some original/unique ONE OF A KIND, handpainted (by yours truely) yarn. You could even choose the colors you wanted. :-) Would anyone swap spinning lessons for hand dyed yarn?


SheepsPyjamas said...

Oh, Vikkie, I so would love to help you out, I wish we were closer to each other. Don't give up, though. I learned to spin all on my own, so it can be done, and with your determination, I know it will be done! If you've specific questions, email me, and maybe work up your nerve and go to the guild anyway -- it won't be just the one person and most spinners I know are as nice as most of the knitters I know...

Barbara C. said...

Hi from a Reno knitter. I took a class from someone I found at Carson Sierra spinning and weaving guild (or something like that). I decided that at this time in my life, spinning would be too time consuming--I work and babysit grandchildren---but the gal I took a lesson from was wonderful. I'm going to have to search through my "junk" and find her name. She lived out in the Juniper Hills area.
It was fun to try to spin--when I retire I think I'll pick it up again.
Barbara C.