10 June 2007

The Stash

I have spent the weekend working on my stash, knitting books, tools etc....organizing, sorting, listing and photographing. All I can say is I am WAAAAYYY OUT OF HAND. LOL...Well I have been stashing yarn for at least 20+ years...so what does that tell you. But before I get into that...

Last month on my bday I mentioned that I had won some yarn. It arrived over a week ago and I do apologize to Yarnivorous for not posting sooner about. I have showed it off though! :-) She not only sent me 100grs of handspun, she specially spun it for me from soft lovely handpainted Australian wool...AND then she also sent me 100 gr. of Australian wool roving! Now I just have to get my hands on a spindle and get someone to show me how to spin it.

Now lets talk stash...I spent all of today photographing, sorting and listing my stash so that I can organize it in my Ravelry. I only got to 3/4s of my stash! I am so out of hand.

1. This is a shot of SOME of my wool and natural fibers collection on the floor. It was the easiest way I could find to sort the stuff. I collected all the wool that I had around and put it into one pile. I then sorted it by brand, photographed and then bagged it as it was sorted.

2. While I was sorting and hand my back turned my little guy pushed his way through and made himself all comfy in the yarn. I snapped a picture really quick because he was so darn cute...and the shooed him away because I don't let the furballs hang out on my yarn. Another reason why I am taking the time and spending the money on bagging it all. I love my fur children but I don't want their fur in my yarn or my projects.

3. These two shots are of my yarn that did not get sorted....didn't even get looked at actually LOL. This is all Acrylic (yuky Red heart and Caron's Simple soft for the most part) and crochet thread/cotton. This is yarn that I will eventually sort and catalogue but I am in no hurry. I rarely get into this yarn and really am not too worried about it. Much of it will be donated, or used for teaching yarn arts to kids (something I will be doing next winter...project that is in the works).

4. Finally this is what I worked on today. Every skein, cake or ball was sorted and photographed. From left to right: A. All cotton, B. Lace weights, ribbon yarn and novelty yarns (I don't have much of that), C. Wool and Natural fibers (ie the stuff that will felt), D. Sock yarn. Can you tell what kind of yarn I like the most? LOL...I have been mostly concerned about organizing this yarn. This is the stuff I used the most and replenish the most. I need to be able to find out what I have or need when I am putting things together for a project. Years and years ago I had done this but it was all on paper which was not really convient. Ravelry is making it way easy to organize this stuff. Now I can easily see what I have or what I need for a project and easily put it together with a project. The photographs will show me what colors I have and the way its organized in Ravelry I will know how much I have on hand as far as yardage for a project. I am also able to organize the yarn that I have dyed which is really cool.

So I still have to organize and list my needles, hooks, notions. I have already organized my WIP's and FOs. Including crochet projects that I had done years and years ago. Did the projects first because I really needed to see what I had going on. LOL. I have some work to do on the pics I took of the yarn but the hard part is done! yeah! This is going to be so nice to have it all in one place.

Ok well start working with my kids tomorrow. Looking forward to that. Have a good week everyone!

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Lynne said...

Looks like you are having fun on Ravelry. I'll put my name on the list and hope it takes a while to be invited since I am moving.... However I won't be listing all my yarn on it as I am storing most of it and have not listed every last ball on my inventory.