19 June 2007

Summer of Socks 2007

I have picked my first pattern for Summer of Socks, which begins on Thursday (21 June 2007). I have picked Cookie A. "Moneky Socks" pattern to be the first one. I have wanted to make these for awhile. I have other socks in progress but the rules for the KAL require that you start a new on the 21st so that everyone is starting at the same time. So no working on old patterns already in progress. :-) I might not make them as long as the pattern calls for because the color (Trekking XXL 04) I am using is springy/summery and I think shorty socks go well for summer. I am also going to use a size smaller for the needles then the pattern calls for because I learned during Sock Madness 2007 that when doing a lacier pattern I tend to knit loose and then the sock will end up too big. I will post pictures when I start and while I progress. The KAL goes until September so I will be making other socks. There is a contest and prizes but unlike Sock Madness it is not a timed competition but I didn't join it for the prizes I am hoping to "meet" other knitters (like I did with SM) whom I wouldn't have come across other wise. :-)

Bag Update. I finished knitting (including the handle) the one skein Chan bag and am on the handle for the bag that I am making up. Once I finish that handle I will felt all the bags I have made together and then post completed pics. As I have said before I am putting the bags into the "Summer KAL - Cal Purse Round up" which also goes until September. Nice people in this KAL.

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Cindy said...

OMG- somehow I forgot all about the Summer of Socks! I had better decide on a pattern. Oh well, I don't think I am going to win anything on that one, I am really doing it only for fun.

Did you ever find anyone to help you learn how to spin? I am really dying (pun intended!) to try a wheel as well. I went into a shop to ask about renting one (they normally do) but they have a class coming up soon so they didn't want to rent any out- but I'm not sure I can commit to the class... decisions, decisions!