27 June 2007

Monkey Needs a Friend

Just finished the first of my Monkey socks. This pattern has some kind of mojo and that Cookie A knows how to write a pattern. Easy to follow and fun to knit. This is short but I leave you with a serious of pictures of construction of the sock


A comment about the earlier post...I recieved a concerned phone call....ty to my lovely friend :-) hugggsss! She called just to check up on me (not saying who cause its her and my personal business, she is a FRIEND). Just so for infor for those of you who care about me know. I am fine. I wasn't crying or hurt at all. I was PO-ed...big time. I just do not suffer fools well sometimes. Shrugs we all have our things. Mine happens to be messages from silly people who need to get a life. If they think my posts are such drivel and the world is such a serious place then what in the hell are you doing checking over a knitting blog? Just kind of curious...if you have such low thoughts about the world, society and people then shouldn't you be out there trying to do something to change it instead of bitching about it or pointy fingers at others whom you are assuming are wasting time? I am out "there" doing something about it....(my personal non-knitting info that I will speak of in general terms ...see?) Ok yeah ....I said I wasn't bringing it up again ....but damn some people's kids I swear! Now I am just laughing about it because it is rediculous.
Time for bed. Sweet Dreams...ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Knittyotter said...

I love that pattern. It's on my to knit list. :D

What yarn is that? Looks kinda like Opal maybe, but I don't recall seeing that colorway.

The more I learn about life as I go along is that you have to do what is right for you... so long as you aren't poking someone else in the eye or shoving a brand of shit onto people. Otherwise it's all good.

Keeping in mind that everyone has their own way to be and live. And the rules don't say we have to like everything and everyone.

Speaking of eye poking... been meaning to tell you the color combo here hurts my eyes. *L* Damn you and your bright colors on black! :P

The pictures are getting better though. :D