24 May 2007

Birthday Update.

(Delicious Blue Pacific Martini from Chilis, this was my frufru drink for my bday.)

I realized that I didn't say much about my bday afterwards. We went to the book store where I spent my gift card from my Honey on these two books:

The one on the left is "The Knitters Bible: Knitted Bags" and the one on the right is the new Harry Potter themed book, "Charmed Knits". The first one has some really great and unique bag patterns. Its really nice and got the creative wheels turning. There are some things in it that I had not seen. Now as for the HP book...the patterns are great! The instructions are easy to follow and they range in skill from beginner to advance. What I also love is that all the patterns though based on the Harry Potter stories can be adapted to anything the knitter wants to change it too. As with the other book there are patterns in it that I had not seen before.

I also recieved these three skeins of yarn. Yes three! Going from right to left:
1. Colinette's Jitterbug line in the "popsicle" (146) colorway. I LOVE the colors. Totally me! Its 100% Merino with 267 yds.
2. Mountain Colors' Mountain Goat line in the "wildflower" colorway. It is 45% wool and 55% Mohair with 230 yds in the skein. The picture doesn't show it up will but there is a bit of a mustard and rust color running in between the purples. Makes a really nice contrast. I like high contrast in my colors.
3. Mountain Colors' Twizzle line in the "goldrush" colorway. I love warm colors. I have not used this line before but I know I will enjoy playing with it because its so soft. It is 85% Merino and 15% Silk with 250 yds.
I have to say that for color vibrancy and fiber feel Mountain colors is one of my top favorites. I love all their colors. Jitterbug goes into the top favorite category for colors. Colinette does a great job with unique and bright colors that I love.


Deb said...

I'd have had a great birthday with just the martini and the Jitterbug. Looks like you did even better. Hope it was grand!

Yarn Thing said...

Really want to get the felted bag book. Is it good?