20 May 2007

Happy Birthday

Well...to start with today is my birthday...yuppers. I am 42...blah...I do not have a big thing about age actually but for some reason I just don't like that number. Yes I know the alternative to getting older is not getting any older so that isn't that cool...so of course I would rather take the larger number. lol

I awoke to several surprises. Honey, got up earlier and cleaned the place up...went to the store and purchased special breakfast stuff and a Little Mermaid balloon (no not flowers, he gets me flowers all the time but see...I have this "thing" for balloons...don't know why but I love balloons...yeah I know, strange but oh well!)

So anyhoo...in the living room I found the balloon hovering over the coffee table. Then there was a brightly colored gift box with a card on top. Inside was a funny card with Bugs Bunny on the front (yes I LOVE bugs...he is way cool...sorry I like cartoons and comics...and today we are going to see Shrek 3... :-P) Inside the card was a generous gift certificate to the bookstore! I happen to be addicted to books as MUCH as I am addicted to yarn. Its pretty bad.

Now for the box...hmm well this is kind of strange...if you are a geeky type person you will totally get how cool this gift is...if you aren't well I'm sorry for you LOL ...you will just have to take my word for it....THIS IS A WAY COOL GIFT...my guy is unbelievably smart to have come up with it. So...he made me something...I am forever forgetting to charge my Ipod and like to fall asleep with it (long story) so lots of time I go to bed and realize its not charged...duh me. So, Honey figured that I needed a way to charge it or plug it in to the wall socket so that it would stay charged. Now, they sell wall charges for Ipods all over the darn place but do you think he would go to the store and simply buy one? Of course NOT...silly. He makes me one...and its WAY cooler then the one in the store because not only can I plug into the wall socket...but see the black piece attached to the HUB? That piece olds batteries, rechargable batteries so if I am some place that I cannot readily access a wall socket, I don't need it because the batteries will charge my Ipod for me! (the black piece is also removable) Can't buy those anywhere! So, as he said, its not the prettiest thing but its way functional and convient. He also included a pouch so that I can put everything in it and just carry it along. Ok...now tell me that isn't SUPER SMART! You can't I know! LOL I really love this gift...do you think that tells you how much of a geek I am? lol

Ok now onto more gifts...earlier in the week I recieved a great package from Ireland from the lovely Jo. She got herself a cone of 50% Suri Alpaca and 50% Blue Face Leicester undyed yarn. She wound some up for me (657 yds of some) and sent it to me. Wow! Its about a sock weight....and really soft. I want to do a special dye job. Jo did not know that my bday was coming she just sent it because she wanted to share with me. Is that not really cool or what? I really hope to meet her someday because I KNOW we would have a blast. I also know that she will fit right into our strange little group of yarn addicts. If you have yet to visit her blog you are missing out. She is a great and funny writer, her writting has a storytellers style and she also post gorgeous photos of where she lives.

As for the dye job, I would like to do something metallic looking like the yarn that Mr. Dave spun himself. I really think this yarn needs something special to really make it stand out and metallics would do it up right. Just have to figure out how to get that silver, gold, copper look.

Also, last Tuesday my lovely blogless friend, Monkey Socks, came in and handed me a skein of yarn and said: "Here for you", "Me? Why?" , "Well I ordered it and it looked different online, I don't like it as much now and I thought it just SCREAMED Vikkie" LOL....she is right it does and I love it. Its from Bright Dyes and its called "Easter Parade". I do not know what its made of nor how many yards it is. I have looked at the Bright Dyes page for yardage on their skeins but could not find it...so if anyone knows please drop me a line. Again, as with Jo, Monkey Socks did not know my bday was coming. hehehe...

Ok, one more gift. After opeing my lovely gifts from Honey, I checked email and found a message from "Yarnivorous". She had a contest at the beginning of the month. Someone else had one but did not claim their prize...Sooooo.....guess what? YUP! I won it. I get to choose from her shop any handdye OR handspun yarn up 100grs! Is that cool or what? She even has handdye roving...I do not know if I can choose from the roving but if so that would be cool, since as I have mentioned: I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SPIN! LOL....She has really great colors so I don't have a prefrence there. I would be happy with anything! One more time, she had no idea that it was my birthday. LOL...good yarn karma. Oh, and she lives in Victoria, Australia! (Victoria is a beautiful place...its the area of Australia where Melbourne is located) Isn't that something considering my first name is Victoria? LOL...well I think it is. LOL My stash is getting an international flavor to it. How fun!

Oh and finally but not the least. My Mom sent me a really nice card...I mean its really pretty. Its covered in silk with felted flowers on the front. It came with the following message:

"Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. The hummingbird's delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life's sweetest creation."

Lovely. The card also contained a generous gift for yarn shopping. Well I don't know if intended it for yarn but since its not specified that I should purchase something specific then I am getting some yarn that I have been coveting. Isn't there always some of that? LOL

For the rest of the day I will be going to the bookstore, and Honey is taking me to play Minituare Golf (which I haven't played in years, which I am really bad at, which I love because its a hoot) and then we are going to see Shrek 3 and then dinner. Not too bad for a 42nd bday. Especially since I really didn't feel like celebrating my bday...not sure why but I just didn't. LOL

Was just getting ready to post and had a lovely bday call from the lovely Knitty Otter lady! :-D Makes my day. My (baby...lol) sister called me last night just to make sure she didn't miss me today lol....thank you honey I love you!

Have a great Sunday all. I have been tagged to do a couple of meme's and will post those this coming week because I think this post is long enough. LOL


needlefingers said...

Happy Birthday!!! :)

Lynne said...

Happy Birthday!
Mini-golf, Shrek 3, reaching your "the meaning of life, the universe and everything" birthday... hope it was good!
(42 is the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything according to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

KnittyOtter said...

Ooo Love the Gift James made for you!! :D

I must be a geek too, cause I think it's faboo. *L*

I hope your day was fabulous and that the damn wind didn't mess up your mini golf time. o.0


Cindy said...

What wonderful gifts you received and I love the geek gift, awesome. we are the same age! 42 isn't so bad, kind of freeing in a way, although with that said, I'm not sure I am looking forward to 43 ;)

Anonymous said...

Tell James he rocks. Those are way cool gifts!

Love you