22 May 2007

Random things...

Well I have been tagged by several lovely bloggers...I was tagged for a 7, 8 and 20 Meme. LOL....umm sorry not going to do them seperately. Also I am sorry to those who tagged me but the people I would have chosen to tag, tagged me first. LOL...oh ummm and by the way...what the heck does "meme" stand for anyway? Is it supposed to be "me...me" that has been put together or does it mean something else that I am missing? LOL....please enlighten me? Hate to be in the dark about things! To curious a person for that....which leads to the random things:

1. I LOVE to read. All sorts of things....art, crafts, novels, how to...on and on and on. Once a book comes into my hands I have a HARD time ever letting go of it again, even if I know I will never read it again. I love the way a new book smells and next to my LYS my favorite place to go to is the bookstore or library. It would kill me to spend $50.00 on piece of jewelry but I will not blink once at paying the same for one book. I am willing my books first to my family and then to a local library of a rural district in my area. I have books to fit almost every category in a library's catalogue. When I travel my favorite items to purchase as a remembrance is a book. Next to getting or giving yarn as a gift my favorite gift to get or give is a gift card to the bookstore or a book!

2. I am a Sci-Fi, Star Trek, Star Wars geek. Yuppers...I have the entire original Star Trek series on VHS. LOL. My top favorite TV channel is the Sci-Fi Channel (History Channels and Science channels close behind). I greatly miss that there isn't currently a version of Star Trek on the air. Angered really! I never miss an episode of the new Battle Star Galactica! (Who thinks the doctor is a Cylone?)

3. Though I talk about art alot I do not think many really understand how much art is a part of who and what I am. My passion for art and creating objects of color is in my DNA. When I go any length of time without being able to create something it actually affects me not just emotionally and mentally but physically as well. Without art of some kind in my life I believe that I would be shut away in the looney bin. Art is not just a hobby for me but it is like breathing for me. I could not live without it as a part of everyday just as I could not live without air. Some may find that a dramatic statement but even if it is so it makes none the less true.

4. When my little dog Duster died, about 7 years ago (as of August 5th) I didn't leave my house for 30 days. Anyone who doesn't understand that I cannot explain it too...those who do get it I do not need to explain it to so will just leave it there.

5. Growing up my most favorite place to be in the world was the Muesum of Metropolotain Art in New York City. I once knew it better then my own house. I could sit in the Impressionist Gallery for hours on end and feel more peace there then anywhere else.

6. I went to an all girls Catholic high school in Midtown-Manhattan (Cathedral High School for girls). I miss my three best friends of that time Olga Rosado (who sends me funny emails now and again), Patty Ayala (who has dissappeared into the mists of time...sad) and Hanan Gabr from Egypt whose father worked at the UN and since the school was a block away sent her there even though, not only was she not a Catholic she wasn't even a Christian. She was sent back to Egypt the day after graduation and her father would not let me contact her nor her me. I think about her often and HOPE with all my heart and soul that she is living a happy life. She wanted to be a doctor and I hope that she was able to do that. It saddens me that I was not able to go to my 25 anniversary.

7. I miss my sisters everday. There is never a day that goes by that I don't think about them. (I don't think that they even know that.) Won't say any more there, 'cause my eyes are getting a little leaky...lol. Huggies M and D.

8. I am retired from the U.S. Navy and was able to see many great places. I worked as an Aviation Electrician. While I was in, I lived in Christchurch, New Zealand and worked in Antarctica where I was able to go to the South Pole. I am proud of my service though I did things that I had to do and that way heavy on my mind at times. Enough said there as well.

9. Mid-July will make a year that I have been knitting! woohoo! Hmm...might have to have a contest to celebrate it with some kind of cool prize. LOL

10. Honey and I hope to adopt a child. There is a little one out there that is waiting for me to come and get them and be their Mommy. I can feel it to my very bones.

11. I once was homeless and lived in my car.

12. I am grateful for what I have today. I know some really great people who believe in me and love me.

13. I am an extremely spiritual but I am not religious.

14. I love my furry children with all my heart. It breaks my heart to see kitties running around the street without a home. Literally breaks my heart. I once saved a little dog from a shelter to come and find out the next day that he was very sick and two days later I had to put him to sleep but for those two days I loved him with everything I had and when he died I cried as hard as if I had had him from when he was a puppy. I can still see his little face and big eyes asking him to just take him home....Ok well thats enought of that. Dang what the hell my eyes seem to have sprung a leak. geez hate when that happens.

15. I am a Harry Potter fan.

16. I love flowers, plants, green and growing things and nature; but asking me to help garden is liking asking me if I want acid poured in my eyes. Its just not my thing. I can spend days camping but for pity sake don't ask me to help weed or plant anything. Please!

17. I love the sound of water and have 7 waterfalls in my little two bedroom apartment. LOL

18. I used to live in a house that looked like an old mine shaft in an old mining town. LOL

19. When I finish with my degree I will NOT be teaching in the regular system and I hope that before I leave this life I will be able to write "Ph.d" after my name. Yeah, I know I keep saying I am tired of school but so what! LOL...doesn't "Dr. Vikkie" have a nice ring to it? I think so!

20. I drive around in a rainbow bug. Yes its the truth! lol

Ok soooooo this turned out to be more serious then I had planned. I didn't know what I was going to say when I started so I just wrote. This is what came out so take it for what it is worth lol. Actually this was an enlightening excersize for me. Allowed me to examine the things that I value. Maybe a "Meme" isn't been to be that but this is how it turned out for me.

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Cindy said...

Thank you for sharing Vicki! Somehow I can totally picture you driving around in a rainbow colored bug! Perfect!!!! And Dr. Vicki?, sounds great... Go for it!