23 May 2007

Summer of Socks

Yes I did it again! Joined another knit-along. The Summer of Socks KAL doesn't official begin until June 21st but others are making plans with patterns and yarn and the lock. I have soooo many patterns and soooooo much yarn and waaaaaayy to many needles that I am ready to go.

This one isn't a timed competition like Sock Madness was. Its a knit along that will have prizes as it goes along but not timed things that need me to sit for 2 days straight without stopping and knit like a crazy person. There are prizes for the person who did the most socks, knitted or crochet. I do make crochet socks but I have WAAAAYYYY too many knitted socks that I want to do soooooo not going there. With all the years of crocheting I have done I just do not have love for it right now. There is also a flickr group for it.

On another note: The prize I donated for Sock Madness was won by Golden Purl (aka Jean)....woohooo Jean. She is getting the lovely eboney needles (and some other little cute things that I hope she will enjoy....but shhhh don't tell her lol...well guess I just did since she visits here...me and my big mouth...wink to herlol) Before I send it out I will take a picture of it as well.

I am also getting ready to send a big surprise gift/thank you so some others soon. Probably in the next week or two. Some others are involved so I want to given everyone who wants to play with me in this a chance.

I am right now just out of control with projects....geez....I am slowly but surely finishing things but I get way to excited by starting something new:

1. Booga bag: waiting for hanles and a closure. I want something cool and different then what others did so that it will be uniquely mine! Sorry thats how I roll...like (LOVE) to be different (if you doubt this view the picture of my car below...enough said lol).

2. Entrelac Bag: felted, I made handles but I don't like them but I don't know what to do next. I want something cool and different to use as handles; it also needs a clasp as well

3. Duplicate Stitch Bag: main bag construction done but have not finished the duplicte stitch design yet; again as with the other bags I am not sure what to do about handles or closure.

4. Knitting for peace feltefd messenger bag: its begun and one more time (sorry) I need a cool closure for that. I want something like a fun and funky hing....but don't know where to find this sort of thing.

5. Small Lucy bag: just got to the handles and yes sorry....I need a cool closure

6. Amanda's Squatty Sidekick bag: not started yet but pulled out, it will need to be full/felted and yeah...i know bored with this....need a really cool closure....I am planning to use that SWS yarn from Patons (I think its Patons)

7. Hermione's Knitting bag: its from the new harry potter themed knitting book "Charmed knits". By the way this book is great, simple to understand patterns with easy to follow pictures of concstruction. It was a really well done book.

8. Charity projects: have child socks to make, hats and other bits for next november. I have some done but they need ends sew in and need a nice bath.

9. Baby projects: need to work on blankies, socks, bibs and wash cloths all for gifts, oh yeah and binky holder :-)

10 Pomatomus Socks: First sock almost to toe...needs its mate

11 Monkey Socks: not started yet

12 Diagonal Rib Socks: not started yet

13 Snowflake lace socks: started and both are past the cuff with one set of the 12 row repeat done on the leg

14. Magic loop socks: pair almost to toe

15. Jaywalkers: needs a mate

16 Surprise gift: can say no more here :-D

17 Dave KAL Scarf: 1/4 of the way

18 Last minute knitted Gifts Chevron Scarf: more then halfway

19 Red Lace project: from Arctic Lace, half way through

20 Purple lace project: was started but ummm messed and had to rip out and it is waiting for love.

21 Mint green lace project: umm waiting....cast-on but thats it

22 Peach lace project: 2 pattern repeats done

23 Harry Potter set for sweetie nephew: yarn is staring at me, must start soon

24Round 7 socks: One finished one to go

25 Diagonal Rib Socks: not started yet

26: Lace from Victorian Lace today: not started yet

27 Lace sweater for me: yarn is on hold and waiting for me :-D

28 Mobious scraf: finished

29 Entrelac socks: waiting for me

30 Entrelac stole from Scraf Style: Finished waiting to be take to the state fair to be admired lol

31 Zig Zig scarf: waiting to be gifted to a lovely person. enough said there.

32 Afghan: yeah honey is still waiting for one :-s sigh.....have made him 6 pairs of socks and gorgeous scarves, hats and mittens...and something else coming his way....but....he wants a blankie! sigh i just can't find the right pattern.

33 knitted toys: waiting for me

34 Yarn to dye: mmm yummy....special yarn needs special dye...having a hard time finding what I want.

35 Stitch markers; waiting to make more

36 Spinning: need roving, tools and a teacher. I NEED TO SPIN!

37 Yarn covets: Scout yarn, Socks that Rocks Yarn...sigh.

Well thats it...enough is a better word. LOL....geez I am way over the top here huh? Yeah I know! Don't say it....I do know!


Lynne said...

I'm not game to make a list of my wips! I found a box with some more in it today. Eep! So many lovely patterns, so little time. I think I'll brush up on my combined knitting, see if I get a bit more done that way.
Love your beetle.

Deb said...

Wow - you better get busy. Or perhaps clone yourself, grow some more hands or something. You've got a lot of work ahead of you!! But it's all fun...

Cindy said...

You have put me to shame.
I wish you an extra set of arms (or two) and at least another life!