15 May 2007

It's Over...Darn

Well Sock Madness 2007 is over...and the winner is...drum roll...KristiR! Woohooo...Conffetti...Balloons...cheers for her! I am happy to say that the communications on the flickr group is still going on...which I am glad for because I have really enjoyed getting to know a lot of the people who played the game. Our lovely hostess have already stated that there will be a 2nd SM...but in the mean time we will continue to keep the flickr group going. Yeah!

As for my Round 6 socks...the pattern that put me out LOL...well I ripped them out...I got half-way into the foot of one and it didn't fit...it was soooo tight I could barely get it over my foot. The stitches were puckering and the floats were wonky. Yes I know that means I pulled it to tight. I WANT to do these socks because they are gorgeous. But I want to find a pattern for Fair Isle that is simple and flat so that I can practice the technique, so that I can get the hang of two color work and floats. I also need some color inspiration because after I ripped out my first version I realized I had lost the love for the color combo and started the pattern again...toe up this time. But I didn't like that color combo either.
In the mean time I have plenty of projects going as I have previously listed LOL... Here is an update picture of the Round 7 pattern. I really like it. I don't find it as difficult as the R6 socks. That pattern is lacey cables with an interesting open work effect on the back of the leg. almost to the toe. The pattern was written for 2 circulars but I decided to do it by Magic Loop. They are going pretty fast. I think I would have been done with the pair if I didn't have to stop knitting to study for finals.
Speaking of which...FINALS ARE OVER! Woohoo. I am pretty sure that I am getting 2 A's out of four classes. For the other two...well I am on the border for an A to a B for one and C+ to B- for another. So until the grades are posted I will not know. Bs I can handle but I reall do NOT want that C... I worked so hard for that darn class and was carrying a solid A for 2/3rds of the semester....and then after Spring Break we were given the hardest take home exam I have ever had. The teacher "tested" on information he didn't lecture on...and since we didn't have a textbook (yes thats right no book) we had to research the info. Since its Mathematical proofing its not an easy thing to research. Though I did not fail the exam I did low enough to affect my overall class grade and went into the final hoping to get 80/120 points in order to get a B for the class. I HATE that! Anyway...I am done bitching....lol just needed to VENT.
The upside is that I took my last final on Monday night and am now off for the rest of the week. YIPPY! I am taking a class for the Mini-Summer Term starting next Monday but for now I am off! So guess what that means....you got it! KNITTING...AND MY LYS! No money to go shopping but can still play yarn! YAHOO ME!


Cindy said...

Vent away... we are here for you!
I am happy for you that your finals are over, and of course thrilled for you that you have more time for knitting! Enjoy it!

mdvelazquez said...

Good for you. I'm glad finals went well for you.

Lynne said...

Happy finishing finals!
Thanks for dropping by my blog a couple of weeks ago for the contest (nasty chemicals on yarnivorous). The winnah never claimed her prize, so guess who is the next winner? You! Email me at natiel3 at yahoodotcom. You get up to 100g of hand-dyed/spun yarn. I'd guess you'd like some lurid sock yarn ;-)