04 May 2007

Happy Star Wars Day!

Yes I am a Sci-Fi geek! So what? Wanna make something of it?????

I was checking out a post at Wendy's Woolies and she posted that today makes 30 years since the first Star Wars movie came out! Damn do I feel old! I remember the day it came out...my Mom took my sisters and I...plus a neighborhood of kids (about 15 or so..yes) to the theatre to see it...I remember sitting there excited because having been a Star Trek fan for years....it was thrilling to see the future on the big screen....I remember when the theatre went dark and silent and the opening music began to play and the screen started to scroll: "In a Galaxy far, far away..." I do believe I held my breadth until the credits rolled at the end. I was completely in love with Luke, Lea was my hero...I wanted my own R2 unit...and I wanted to meet a Wookie! I saw that movie in the theatres 27 times.....YES I SURE DID! :-P~~~~ And though Lucas has made a lot of changes to that original movie (which I hate btw) I still get a chill every time I put it in my DVD.....I know many of the lines by heart....but the scenes still get me!

30 years? Wow! LOL...I love it!

Borrowing from Wendy....MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!


needlefingers said...

Star Wars is my favorite! (Well, The Empire Strikes Back is my true favorite.)

I just wanted you to know, I'm not knitting against you, I'm knitting against the clock, which is what I've done every round. Everyone in Sock Madness is too wonderful to compete against!

Kristi R.
aka Knitter473

mdvelazquez said...

Geek! And you are older ;-)