04 May 2007

The Semi-Finals

Alrighty...I am doing the lavender with white accent for my Round 6 colors. I am paired up with a tough knitter. She was the first person finished in Round 5...even with the pattern instructions having many mistakes! Woohoo! Its all good for me though...I have done a lot of thinking about this:

1. This game started with 128 players from all over the world. Many of whom could easily say that they had been knitting for 40+ years. Yes 40! Wow...and here I am in Round 6 in the Semi-finals...having won my division! WOWIE ZOWIE...who knew?!?

2. I am happy to be in the top 4 and in the Semi-finals. I have yet to have a full year knitting.

3. I basically taught myself from www.knittinghelp.com videos.

4. I have been fortunate enough to have a LYS, in which I have made the most encouraging and supportive friends.

5. In this past year I have met some of the most artistic and talented knitters who do not hesitate to share their knowledge and skill. The Knitty Otter lady, to name one of the many.

6. I continue to push myself and try to learn something new and this game has helped me gain many new skills to add to my knitting tool box. With this I learned ...or rather re-learned the lesson ....that you never know what you are capable of until you try and if you work at it you will succeed (nothing that is worth anything is ever gotten easily...it takes work to get the things that trully mean something in life!)

7. Through this game I have seen how to play a game. I watched other knitters stop their own knitting to help others even their opponent. True demenstrations of sportsman ship.

8. I got free original patterns! Woohoo.

9. I won a prize for making a mistake and not giving up! A really nice prize too!

10. Finally and most importantly....I have made some new friends. Seriously....I haven't met them face to face....but they are friends...and whether or not we ever meet I will count them among my friends and know that I will keep in contact with them. Celtic Memory, to name one.

All of these things put together....whether or not I make it to Round 7 Finals....I have won...if you don't thinks so then go back and read the numbered portion of this post LOL....I won...and won big time!

Anyway...the pattern is to come out between 12 and 4 pm my time. In the mean time going to have some lovely Vanilla coffee...and read a bit in the Yarn Harlot's newest book..."Casts Off"....if don't have....MUST GET IT....SHE IS TOO FUNNY FOR WORDS!


Anonymous said...

Hey Babe,

I know you won't see me for the next few days because of all the piles of yarn and flying needles and the tunnel vision you'll get trying to speed knit.

I just wanted you to know that the Noises you hear on the other side of the yarn wall is just me Chearing for you.

Go Baby go!!!

Lova yea!

moirae said...


Zonda said...

Good for you! Wishing you luck and like you said, you've already won and learned a lot! :)