29 May 2007

Book Stash Flash

I saw that someone else had done a knitting book stash flash so I thought I would jump on the bang wagon as well. I was thinking while I looked over my knitting books which one was my favorite and I have to say that I cannot pick just one. LOL...I have a rule about knitting books: I will not buy it if there is only 1 or 2 patterns in the book that I like. As much as I am addicted to books I just do not see the point of buying a book if I cannot see myself making almost all of the patterns in the book. The first picture shows a pile on its side is of patterns I have downloaded and knitting magazines. Do any of you have a favorite knitting book? Something different then what you see in my "stash"? Let me know, I am always interested in new books! LOL


Yarn Thing said...

Your book stash looks very similar to mine!!!


KnittyOtter said...

You've gotten a LOT more books since I was last over. :D

I'll have to think about doing that. Once I shelve them all that is. o.0