11 May 2007

Final Round

Ok the 7th and Final round of Sock Madness begins today. Just recieved the pattern and it starts with: "Cast on 99 stitches on two circulars..." WHAT THE....???? LOL...It is a really nice looking pattern. I don't know how fast someone can go when starting with that many stitches...should be interesting. I have been working on my Round 6 socks...but I got to the foot part and tried on the socks and it was so tight I could barely put it on. Sooooooooo.....I ripped it out...yes I did. LOL...and then I started in a different color combo...but this morning looking at it ...I did not like it...was not feeling the love. Soooooo.....I ripped it out LOL. I am putting the R6 socks on the side, I need color combo inspiration, I WANT to do the socks but I think first I need practice doing Fair Isle on a flat piece so that I can understand how to do the floats, because the reason my socks were so tight is because I pulled them to tight and many of the stitches caused the sock fabric to pucker. So I am going to try R7 and I am thinking of using my super wild yarn that I dyed. I also have so many projects on needles:

1. Magic Loop Socks
2. Pomatomus socks
3. Schaefer/Arctic Lace shawl
4. 3 Lace projects
5. Feather and fan scarf
6. Chevron scarf
7. Entrelac bag needs handle and button (and possibly a lining but I don't sew)
8. Booga bag needs handle and closure
9. two charity scraves need ends woven
10. Duplicate stitch bag needs designed finished on front, handle and button

Ok so ummm I shouldn't have made that list LOL because now I am in shock LOL. Oh boy...lets not talk about the projects that I have seperated out with their patterns and yarn that I want to start as well. LOL....umm okie dokie.....

Anyway, tonight playing yarn with some other yarn fanatics. Tommorrow going down to the Truckee River for the River Festival and then going to see Spiderman. Some good movies coming out soon as well: Pirates 3, Harry Potter 5, Shrek 3...etc. Good Summer movie season coming...hope it lives up to the hype.

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Yarn Thing said...

Oh No You Didn't! You ripped out that sock that many times? You are brave girlfriend!

99 stitches huh? I can't wait to see what this one looks like!


**dude, the word verification on here is like 10 letters long! Unbelievable**